CU at the Holidays

Let's get started!

Step 1: Text, Video or Photos

Thank your members in one of 3 unique and engaging ways.

Click "Show Details" below to see all the options.

Option A: Text Only
(Up to 5 Lines)

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Option B: Friendly Pre-Recorded Video

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Option C: Whimsical
(WARNING: Super-Creative Types Only!)

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Step 2: Choose the Music

Click a track below to play the song. Which one is your favorite?

Step 3: Choose the Logo Animation

How would you like your logo to appear?

Click the thumbnails below to play the example videos.

Wispy Logo AnimationWispy (Included)
Sparkly Logo AnimationSparkly (add $50)
Super-Deluxe 3D Logo AnimationSuper-Deluxe 3D (add $100)

Step 4: Choose a Video Border (Optional)

Lastly, we can add any of the following borders around your video to complete the look.

Border 1
Border 2
Border 3
Border 4
Border 5
Border 6
Border 7
Border 8
Border 9